About Terry Welsh of TW Staffing Solutions

When faced with the term headhunter, the image that comes to mind is an aggressive person who wants to push you into a job you do not want, or push a potential job applicant into your company that you do not feel is right.

Well, I am not that person!

I am a Staffing professional or Talent Wizard “TW”, and so much more.

My clients and applicants are experienced professionals in the information technology, investment finance and human resources and they expect and are treated with respect honesty and the utmost confidentiality.

After 17 years as a Director of the North American region for a major New York City staffing firm, I have spread my wings to form my own company, TW Staffing Solutions.

Through the years I’ve met some interesting individuals, had my share of frustration, success and home runs.
As an agency recruiter, I’m a trusted advisor, detective,  active listener, advocate, a representative of your company, a time and money saver, a confidante, A THERAPIST, A REALIST AND A HUMAN BEING. I not only hear what you are saying, I use all senses. I get it.

Up to date on trends in talent acquisition. I seriously maintain my knowledge of the workforce marketplace. I’m not a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics, but I keep up to date on the latest technology, the economy and job market trends. The workforce is changing and all of us have to keep up to date on all that is going on in order to remain competitive.

Intelligent – With a degree in finance, and a Series 7 under my belt, I have worked with the major Wall Street firms. In addition I have owned a jewelry company, was a Licensed Real Estate professional and continue my persistent attempts to become bilingual and chess contender.

Motivated – Respectful of the clients’ time/money and working to fill jobs quickly,

Most importantly I have a great track record of making great hires.

So there you have it… Well – modesty has never been my strong point. I don’t take myself too seriously, and neither should you.

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